Steve Diossy

Steve Diossy: Creating Humorous, Unique Fish Artwork

December 14, 2017

Istvan "Steve" Diossy is a self-taught marine artist born in Chicago, IL but moved to Florida at age 3. Steve uses his unique fish artwork to show his love of his community and its natural beauty.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Each Steve Diossy piece exemplifies the coastal lifestyle as the artist is able to capture the vibrant colors of Florida in every work of art. With his carefree lifestyle, unique sense of humor, and personal connection to the coast (including boating, fishing, and surfing), Steve brings his artwork to life.


 His artistic talent can be dated back to when he was a kid with a strange sense of humor. He remembers in elementary school hearing someone say, "I have a runny nose," and he envisioned a nose with legs running off the page -- so he drew just that. Because he was a shy child, his artwork allowed him to open up and meet friends as people were drawn to his artwork.

Steve finds inspiration in the work of Guy Harvey, Carey Chen, and Don Ray. He comments on his respect for other artists and how he finds beauty in the fact that every artist is able to unlock something within their own mind, enabling them to see life in a novel way.

However, Steve's fish artwork is unique in that he sees fish and marine life in a humorous, human setting. After noticing the bright, fun color of the pieces, viewers are really drawn in by that humorous aspect. The comedic theme throughout the artwork makes it appealing to viewers of all ages.

One of Steve's most memorable moments is when he won first place and Presidential recognition for a sculpture depicting Michelangelo's "The Florentine Pieta" at the age of 16. Additionally, Steve is proud that his artwork is making a difference in the world.

His most significant fish artwork is the "Protect Wild Dolphins" Florida license plate. This project was commissioned by Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute/FAU, which has raised more than $20 million for marine mammal conservation efforts.

Steve sells fine art prints, lobster trap framed art, original artwork as well as fishing gear and apparel. Luckily for buyers, each piece is unique with a fishy sense of humor.

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