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Vanity License Plates

Shirtsmugs, and cups can only be used so much before they have to go in the wash. On the other hand, a license plate may get dirty, but you don’t have to take it off to maintain it! What better place to express your love of the coastal lifestyle than the front of your car? Talk about standing out from the crowd - this is especially fun when you go on a road trip inland. You can show everyone just what the coastal lifestyle is about!

I’ve chosen some of my favorite designs for these plates, and each looks great on a car. You can get something as simple as my “Mad Mahi” design or a complex one like “Tito’s Cheers.” Heck, if you like all of them, buy one of each and switch them out every month. I created each one to express how much I love living on the coast. The weather, the food, the people - I love my community. If you feel the same, you’ll love my art.

I use a lot of color in my pieces, and it’s frustrating when the get dulled down by printing methods. I love these license plates, because they take a keep vibrant colors so well! Each aluminum plate is approximately 6” by 12” and features a glossy finish. This allows it to live on the front of your car and face down sand, bugs, and more without a problem.

Check out my unique vanity license plates and let your car participate in the coastal lifestyle, too!