Istvan (Steve) Diossy (born 1975 Chicago, IL) is a self taught Artist, Who at the age of 16 won 1st Place and Presidential recognition for a sculpture depicting Michelangelo's "The Florentine Pietà."

Throughout the years, Istvan continued to progress as an Artist, developing a unique style enhanced by his fine art background, and an extensive knowledge of caricature and graphic design. With assignments ranging from animation to high performance automotive art, Istvan has become a successful, and highly sought after commercial Artist. His most notable work to date is the best selling "Protect Wild Dolphins" Florida license plate commissioned by Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.

The success of the "Protect Wild Dolphins" plate, has led to the development of three additional specialty plates for Harbor Branch (Protect Florida Whales, Save Our Seas, & Aquaculture). This marks his collaboration with two of the world's most renowned Artists Wyland and Guy Harvey, as Istvan aided in design and finalization of all three plates.

Istvan lives and continues to work out of his studio in Vero Beach, FL. It is clear that through his artwork, he reflects a great love of his community, and its natural surroundings. By frequently escaping to the beaches to surf, Istvan fuels his inspiration and an endless desire to create vividly humorous, and color driven works of Art.


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