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"Last Call" Fine Art Paper Print

Archival Paper Size

This Unique and Collectible Artwork is Printed on High Density Archival Water-Color Paper

Created by Steve Diossy

Museum Quality Reproductions

Available in Two Sizes:

11"X 17" – OE Print

18"X 24" – OE Print


The story of "Last Call" by Steve Diossy
The "Last Call" is based on the floundering flounder. I always thought he looked like the drunkest fish in the sea. With two eyes being on one side of his head, my buddy and I always used to laugh and imagine how at a bar he would be laid-out after drinking so much. We have all been him before... some more than others. 
To the right of him you will see his two friends egging him on to take his last two shots. You will notice he has already downed three shots and he's trying to find his mouth for the last two. Directly on his right you will see a red fish smoking a cigar (I like to say he is smoking himself). He is drinking a Dos mahi-mahi beer (which is the fish equivalent of Dos Equis). While he is busy the seahorse is stealing his beer. She is being sly and stealing it with a small red cocktail straw.
Below him is a spotted trout drinking a shot of his own and above him you will see a blue crab that is missing a tooth drinking a Flying Fish Ale. He represents that friend that is a little crabby and snappy.... always getting into arguments and fights. He is cheersing with the Snook. If you look at the Snook's eyes, you can tell he's almost as drunk as the flounder. The snook is a wine lush or wine-o.
The snook is so drunk that the shrimp has turned the tables on him and is teasing him with what I like to call a barfly or a bearded fly which was inspired by the guys from Duck Dynasty (Sometimes I even call him the screaming fly.) Now to the left of the Snook you will see the dopey tarpon with a foul hook piercing in his eyebrow and his sidekick the fancy squid with a monocle. 
The squid lives inside the tarpon's beer and loves to drink a dirty martini. You can see he is pulling out the olives to enjoy first. Then finally, directly below the fancy squid, you will find the shrimp that got away! He is holding up his hook in victory! He gets to live another day and celebrate with a small little shot.
Now something that is very hard to find...  in the background, under the tarpons jaw and directly to the right of the squids tentacle that is holding the olives, you will see two people stranded on the island in the background waving their hands trying to get the attention of the crew so they can join the party.


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