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"Dirty Flamingo" (Die-Cut Decal)

Size: 4.25"wide x 10" tall

"Same material as a boat wrap..."

This is the best way to describe our high-quality and extremely durable vinyl decals. The same process used to create the high-end boat wraps you see on the water is the same process we use for our decals. In addition, each decal is die-cut to the edge of the graphic.

Simply put, this decal is artistry on vinyl. We spend many hours designing these unique one-of-a-kind graphics which are commonly mistaken for expensive custom airbrushed painted designs.


  • High-grade marine vinyl decal
  • Weather resistant for long-lasting use
  • Printed in ultra-high resolution
  • Rich vibrant colors

Installation: Always apply decal to a hard, clean, smooth surface. Simply peel back the release liner carefully, squeegee the graphic in place working from the middle out and remove the transfer tape covering the graphic. It's that easy.