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November 07, 2019 2 min read


Well hello there, you two-tentacled treats! Sorry for being a little quiet lately but I’ve been too busy hanging out with my Octoposse. It’s always wonderful to see old friends but it’s getting more difficult to recognize them because they all look itentacle.


Allow me to pour myself 8 glasses of merlot and indulge you in what’s kraken this month with Steve…


There are some new shirt designs available! You can see the “Keep your Friends Close and Anemones Closer” and “Crabeer USA” designs on the website now. I would get some I just can’t get them to fit. There will be more T-shirts on the way too, so keep your monocles at the ready!


There will be a couple of new canvas pieces available on the website soon but, as always, the best place to see Steve’s art is at the shows.


We just stopped in to Sponge Docks Seafood Festival in Tarpon Springs from November 8th – 10th. It’s always a fun time over there, and the food is fabulous! 

Next up, we’ll be rolling in to Fort Myers Beach at the Annual Sand Sculpting Championship from November 22nd to December 1st. If you haven’t seen what those crazy sculptors can do, check out some of the photos here. And they do that with only two arms! We will be there all 10 days, and Steve will be signing at the event on the weekends.


Keep your eyes on your inboxes so you can see the special deals we have coming up for Black Friday. Hopefully you can save some money in your octo-purse. And also… just a word to those in the know, you can expect the Black Friday sale to start a little early this year. You didn’t hear that from me though…


All this typing has made me tired so I’m heading back to seabed. Hopefully you found something to enjoy in my writing. No worries if you didn’t though; eighters gonna eight. Later, suckers!

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