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March 23, 2017 1 min read

Q: What's the difference between a Hungry Artist and a Hungary Artist?
A: Besides the letter "a"... loud incessant stomach growling.

Seriously though, many painters like to say they're a "starving artist." But only Steve Diossy imagines pink glazed donuts and puts them on a hook to attract sharks in his paintings. He draws food and cocktails in most of his pictures, because, well he's hungry. Sorry- typo- he's from Hungary.

But he now lives in sunny South Florida, by the water with all its beautiful bikinis, bars and beaches. So he knows how to have a good time!

And that usually involves a wee bit of drink, a whole lot of water and some tasty food to top it all off. Put all that together on a canvas and you've discovered Fresh Art.

Steve Diossy speaks Hungarian and English, but his ability to speak to the art world through his marine life renderings will leave you speechless. If you're looking for creative art- the kind that encompasses original beauty, bright vivid colors and an uncanny perspective, then you'll appreciate a Diossy.

There are only a few really amazing marine life painters out there the likes of Wyland, Chen, and Guy Harvey. And Steve Diossy is among them.

But the difference in Steve's creations is his burning desire, his hunger, to help humans see life through a "fish's eyes". It's why "Board Meeting" and "Last Call" is so successful. We can relate. It's that perspective that makes a Diossy a true original. And it's why you'll be hooked for more. Check out to see the very best original coastal items.

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