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March 09, 2020 2 min read


***UPDATE 3/13/20: We are sorry to announce that events after March 15th have been postponed or cancelled. Palm Beach International Boat Show has been rescheduled to May 14-17 2020.  Official Merchandise is now for sale online. 
 In the meantime, we will be updating Steve's online store to honor "show pricing" for our awesome collectors who won't be able to meet Steve in person this month with more delivery options in Florida. Stay safe, wash your fins and please stay tuned for updates with rescheduled dates. ***

Hello all you brewtiful people! Thanks for using this hopportunity to check out my blog! February went by the in the clink of an eye but we’ve got plenty of exciting news for you this month!


If you’re looking for a way to krill some time, we’ve got the Marathon…*gulp*… Seafood Festival coming up on March 14th and 15th. It’s our only visit to the Florida Keys this year. If you get down there, be sure to try the lobster… or the shrimp… or hotdogs - anything but crab!


The weekend after that, we will be at Reggae Rise Up Festival in St. Petersburg. It’s going to be super busy down there and we are looking forward to this new show. If you’re a fan of reggae, don’t be a hermit - come out of your shell and check it out! Remember, if you’re going to have a few drinks there - don’t drive! Always catch a taxi crab home. Not a problem for me. I always use the sidewalk…


From Thursday March 26th to Sunday March 29th we will be at Palm Beach International Boat Show. Steve is the official artist of the show so you’ll be seeing a lot of his work there - from the program to the cups at the bars! It’s always great to meet so many old and new fans of Steve’s work at this show. It’s fun time - you can’t be crabby there - everyone’s in a good mood at Palm Beach International Boat Show!


Over on the web store, we have our new Tervis designs officially for sale. You can find “Board Meeting”, “Last Call” and our new “Mad Mahi” design on Tervis cups. And - finally - you can now find ME on canvas and paper prints! Steve’s really captured my good side, and caught me indulging in my favourite hobby… Enjoying the red, white and BREW! Come on over and enjoy a can with me, I’m not shellfish.

We also updated the website so the next time you buy a great shirt, you’ll find the site is more e-fish-ent! It all makes for smoother surfing

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