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Enjoy Your Coastal Lifestyle with Ofishulz!

December 07, 2016 2 min read

Ofishulz is unique because we offer incredible art. Whether you need decals, performance fishing shirts, or a Tervis tumbler, you can find one that will represent your love of the beach, the docks, and the water. However, what really makes Ofishulz stand apart is the Marine characters you’ll find in “Steve” Diossy’s art. The characters’ beautiful colors and shapes combine with Diossy’s skill and humor, and you get a one-of-a-kind art. We want to explore the wily characters you’ll encounter in these fantastic art pieces.


Diossy’s depiction of mahi-mahi in “Mad Mahi” is absolutely fierce. It’s a big, tough, ferocious fish with dazzling colors. And it’s accurate.

Mahi-mahi tuna grow fast while feasting on crabs, mackerel, squid, and flying fish. Once mature, they weigh up to 30 pounds and can swim up to 50 knots. Because they are so beautiful, large, and delicious, they are very popular with fishermen and commercial fishing companies. They’ve been popular for a long time: there are even pictures of them in ancient Minoan paintings. Lucky for us, they generally have a healthy population and are found around the world, including the Gulf of Mexico. Mahi-mahi are fantastic fish and fun to catch - if you can. Either way, you can wear your Mad Mahi shirt or put an art decal of him on your boat.


Where tuna are lean and quick, groupers are large and slow-moving. However, that doesn’t mean they’re any less formidable. Diossy’s depiction of a grouper features a fish hook in its eyebrow, and that’s pretty much par for the course. This subtly-colored titan is a tough opponent for any fisherman.

Groupers are part of the same family that has basses. They are stoutly-built with huge mouths and can weigh up to 220 pounds. As you might guess from their design, they don’t swim far or fast. Their coloring helps them blend into their environments, where they dig shelters under rocks. When it’s time to eat octopuses, crustaceans, or other fish, a grouper creates powerful suction via its gills and simply simply swallows its prey, leaving it to be crushed by the tooth plates in its pharynx. Sometimes, groupers grow into Goliaths over seven feet long and more than 600 pounds. This is a serious fish!

When you live on the coast, you coexist with these fantastic citizens of the sea. They play an important role in the health of our coasts and our diets. Not only that, they are also great fun to pursue with fishing tackle and a couple friends. There’s nothing like freshly-caught fish grilled up and enjoyed with your favorite people during a sunset over the water.

Diossy lives the cultural lifestyle that comes so strongly through his art, and it’s easy to see how fun and humorous it is. Who doesn’t love good times, great laughs, and a laid-back coastal lifestyle? Shop sun-proof clothing, novelty license plates, and beyond with Ofishulz - because life's too short not to have fun!

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