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November 30, 2023 2 min read

There have been some questions on the difference in Limited Edition pieces especially now with my new Wyland Collaborations! Here are a couple of your questions answered. 


What is the difference between a Limited Edition Signed & Numbered piece and an Artist's Proof?

Most reproductions are separated into 3 categories, Artist's Proof (AP), Printer's Proof (PP) and Signed/Numbered Limited Edition Series (SN).

Some artists only offer them in one size, and some artists offer multiple sizes so you can enjoy them in your perfect space.

The artist decides the total number in each edition and will include that on the artwork. I.E. AP 101/200  Once that series sells out, it is no longer able to be reproduced in that size/series edition but may still be available in other Open Edition (OE) prints. 

What is an Artist's Proof?
Artist's Proofs were originally the first to be printed to help seek out any color issues with the new prints. Today, thanks to advances in printing, AP's are often, but not always, offered after the entire edition has been sold out. "AP" is a print made for the artist's personal use, hand highlighted or embellished* and usually in a very limited run (5-10% of the total Limited Edition SN Series.)

What does embellishment mean?

Embellished or highlighting is where the artist hand paints over the print, adding texture and an extra hint of colors throughout the piece. Making each hand embellished piece a one of a kind! Pricing is usually 50% higher and is often reserved for Artist's proof series, but can be added on to any canvas Limited Edition order by request. 


Most of the time, I leave the very rare editions (Artist's and Printer's Proofs) off the site unless the main Limited Series is sold out. You can always inquire as to whether there are any of your favorite sold out series left. 

Feel free to reach out to my team if you have any other questions! 

Cheers + Fishful Thinking, 

Steve + Team

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