Catch a Sketch


Welcome to "Catch a Sketch"
by Florida Marine Artist, Steve Diossy

Let me create an original, custom, quick, sketch for you of your favorite catch!
"Catch a Sketch" allows me to do what I have always enjoyed doing, draw for my friends, family and anyone that enjoys my art.
It's simple! Give me an idea and I draw it! 
Thank you
-Steve Diossy 
(Each sketch is completed in ink on archival quality heavy-weight paper & signed.)


An Original Sketch of your Catch for $200

Describe idea for sketch:

















































Here are some examples:

#9: Idea:

"I recently went fishing with three buddies in the Keys, it was a large Grady White center console named “My-Key-Mo” (Very important) which was a dedication to their Dad who passed recently from cancer. We caught Mahi all week sometimes having three on the line at one time. I was thinking of a sketch similar to the one I copied on this email with the jumping Mahi looking mean like the ones on your t-shirts and little mahi under the water. I also thought it would be a cool touch to show a smiling sun or cloud to represent their Dad looking over them. By the way, one of the guys it very heavy if you could make one of the four a heavy weight. Hope that’s enough info.

Thanks for being so cool about this!!!

I have attached two pics, one is of the boat (My-Key-Mo) and the other is our group. The guy on the left (Ball cap) spent the whole day hurling over the side (Just FYI). The two guys in the middle actually own the boat.

The name My-Key-Mo is on the back of the boat but if you have to put it on the side that would be OK.

Hope the pictures are actually worth a thousand words…

Thanks again, -Jerry"


#7: Idea: 
For Casey & Jason:  "After decades of trying, my boyfriend finally hooked a sailfish only to almost have his dream fish taken away by a careless boater in a center console. The boater had seen us fighting the fish for a while and decided to take a closer look, (too close!), in which he drove his boat right over his line. Despite my boyfriend and I both screaming at him, he never stopped, he just looked at us like we had 3 heads. Miraculously it somehow did not cut the line! A little while later I grabbed the bill, my boyfriend Jason grabbed the tail and after a couple pictures were taken, the fish swam away to be caught another day. Is there anyway you could capture that story in a sketch? It was pretty hectic and our most memorable fishing trip! Our boat is a center console. If you include us in the sketch, my boyfriend was wearing shorts and a long sleeve shirt. He'a thin, has short hair, a hat, sunglasses, and a short beard and mustache. I'm thin, have long brown hair, and was wearing a hat,sunglasses and a black bikini.
I just want something simple to commemorate his most prized catch and that crazy day.
Thank you so much!-Casey"

#7: Idea: 
For Steve Chapman:  "I have an idea for a father and son looking at a bunch of tailing fish (bones or reds) and the son throwing the fishing pole into the water. This happened to me with thomas the first time I took him with me."


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