Beach Towels featuring Steve Diossy's Signature Hilarious Drinking Fish Artwork inspired by the Coastal Lifestyle

What’s the first thing you need when you go to the beach? A towel. What makes great padding when you’re moving? A towel. What can double as a blanket on a cool evening? A towel. Beach towels are absolutely crucial to the Florida lifestyle, and you can never have enough. They’ve become more than pieces of cloth; they’re a canvas for expressing your personality. That’s why I knew I had to create some beach towels!

These towels look great whether they’re rolled up, hung on a bar, or mostly covered with sand (or you). Why? Because they feature some of my favorite designs. They are so large, I could get away with featuring my more complex pictures with lots of sea creatures and plenty of details. As you will see, I am very fond of bright colors, and I love bringing out all the details in fish, crabs, and beyond. Many people don’t realize just how complex and beautiful these creatures are. I don’t just capture their beauty - I make them funny!

Humor is just as important to the coastal lifestyle as a beach towel. It’s what allows us to unwind after we’ve been working hard (though beverages help, too). A majority of my art is funny because I want to lighten the mood and make people smile. Life is too short to be too serious!

Whether you need a cape, a wall decoration, or a new beach buddy, you need one of my beach towels for sale. Check out what I have for you!


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