Ladies UV Performance Shirts

When you live on the coast, you do a lot of playing in addition to working - our breed knows how to work hard and play hard. Depending on exactly what you’re doing, you’ll need different clothing, and Ofishulz, we are on a mission to provide unique clothing for every occasion. That is why we offer long-sleeved shirts that can protect you from the sun.

Florida is nicknamed the “Sunshine State,” and they ain’t kidding. We get our share of clouds, but on the whole, sunshine is our most constant companion. It makes for great outdoor fun, but as we all know, UV rays can be extremely harmful to us in the long run. The thing is, Florida is humid, too, and if you’re doing anything worthwhile, you’re probably going to sweat. That means that the sunblock you slathered on is going to come off. Tourists might enjoy putting on sunblock, but when you live in Florida, it’s just an expensive pain.

I love to create art, and I have realized I can offer elite-level clothing that won’t just keep you not-naked; it will protect you from the sun! My selection of long-sleeved sun protection shirts are made from performance-level Dri-fit material that provides 30 UPF protection. Even better, each one features one of my carefully-crafted designs. Whether you’re headed out on a fishing trip or it’s time to just cruise the waves, this shirt will protect your skin. Unfortunately, I can’t completely eliminate your need for sunblock, but a good hat can go a long way.

Make sure you’re both working and playing in style - buy a shirt today!

As we are a growing business I want to ensure the same quality of work from my art goes into your products. Please allow 3-7 business days for processing. Your package will arrive approximately 2-3 business days after it ships. 

*Can't find your favorite design on a performance shirt? We may be able to help! Email us at: *

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