Kids UV Long Sleeve 100% Performance Polyester Shirt

The coastal lifestyle values both work and play, which makes it perfect for kids. There’s endless places to explore, fish to catch, and food to eat. I loved being a kid, and I work hard to capture the playfulness that makes being a kid on the coast so great. I put a lot of thought into my art to make sure it provides the perfect combination of style, humor, and fun.

If you have your family in Florida, you live in the Sunshine State, and I’m sure you can feel it! Kids sunburn easily, and even though their skin is young, it’s never to early to prevent troubling skin issues. That is why this long sleeved shirt is an incredible choice for a kid. Not only is it made of uber-comfortable microfiber, it delivers performance-level dryness and 30 UPF coverage. Instead of hounding your child to put sunblock on his or her arms, you can simply provide this shirt!

The thing I love the very best about these funny fishing t shirts is that they allow families to express themselves. You may be a family where each member has a different shirt. If that’s the case, I have enough designs to go around! If you’re the type of family that likes to wear matching shirts to big events, Ofishulz is an incredible solution. It can be difficult to find a shirt that everyone likes, but you can rest assured that the comfort, quality, and art of my shirts will be a favorite with everyone! Check out my selection today and give your child his or her new favorite shirt!

 As we are a growing business I want to ensure the same quality of work from my art goes into your products. Please allow 3-7 business days for processing. Your package will arrive approximately 2-3 business days after it ships. 

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